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Starter Kit for Resellers
Starter Kit for Resellers
Starter Kit for Resellers

Starter Kit for Resellers

Are you a retailer? Here is the offer we have prepared for you:
an exclusive kit to discover all our best sellers, taking advantage of special offers and unbeatable prices.

Discover Maanta range: the offer conceived for retailers!

Maanta manufactures high-quality outdoor shade sails and anchor devices - in short, everything you need to furnish with style and safety!

If you have a small exhibition space, we can send you our STARTER KIT at a very advantageous price.
Inside the kit you will find everything you need to discover Maanta range. In detail:

  • Two multicolour Solaria sails, our Made in Italy top of range, in waterproof and breathable  versions. Solaria sails will be produced especially for you, stitching each segment with a different colour from Maanta range
  • Ulisse and Alu-Simple shade sail poles: Maanta poles are extremely strong and practical without sacrificing design
  • Anchoring kits and accessories: tensioning and anchoring systems for sails stretched like violin strings
  • Catalogues, samples and promotional material: everything you need to help your customers to discover Maanta range

A great plus for your exhibition space

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Thanks to this exclusive kit designed especially for you, you will have the opportunity to see and touch the quality of the product and above all to show it to your customers!

But that's not all! The multicoloured SolariA sail will give your showroom an extra touch, attracting the attention of many passers-by thanks to its uniqueness!

And last but not least: this kit will also give you the advantage of covering your outdoor space.
In short, a series of advantages that are hard to find on the market!




Square Solaria Waterproof 4x4m multicolour


Triangle Solaria Breathable HDPE 4x4x5,66m multicolour


Alu Simple 75° pole


Alu Simple wall clamps kit


Ulisse 90° pole


Ulisse wall clamps kit




Spotlight EasyLamp


Threaded rods M10x12 (2 for installation + 1 for exhibition)


Threaded rods M12x13 (2 for installation + 1 for exhibition)


Cartridges of chemical anchoring (for installation )


Kit dispenser + cartridge (for exhibition)


Kit wall mount Muscle x3 stainless steel


Muscle Pole (for triangular sail)


Gift kit (tape+ pencils+ instructions)


Fabric samples


Poles colours' samples



In-season offer (1 March - 31 August) 1.149,00 €
Off-season offert (1 September - 28 February) 790,00 €

Options and accessories



299,00 €

All prices are inclusive of VAT.

Here are the components of the kit

  • Solaria WP 4x4 multicolour: Solaria WP is the top of the range of waterproof sails. It is manufactured with a highly technical fabric, Weathertech 270g. Thanks to the exclusive radial cut, it ensures uniform tension and load distribution. Modern design and production technologies allow for centimetre-accurate cuts and seams that ensure water drainage and wind resistance. It has multi-layer reinforcements and 316 stainless steel plates at each corner. Weathertech 270 fabric ensures waterproofness, breathability and optimum wind resistance

  • SolariA HDPE 4x4x5.66 multicolour: Solaria shade sail is the top of the range shade sail, manufactured with a very strong Meshnet HDPE 320g. The radial cut ensures greater resistance to wind and over time thanks to the uniform tension and load distribution. It features multi-layer reinforcement and 316 stainless steel plates with adjustable webbing at each corner. Very strong Meshnet HDPE 320 gr/sqm, ensures incredible durability, perfect elasticity, 40% water drainage, insulation and thermal shield

  • Alu-Simple pole 75° inclination (**): ultra-resistant aluminium pole for shade sails with variable height
  • Alu-Simple wall clamps kit: wall clamps to install poles on perimeter walls or terraces, with a unique rotating plate to direct the pole as you wish

  • Ulisse pole 90° inclination (**): ultra-resistant steel shade sail pole with 6 anchor points
  • Ulisse wall clamps kit: wall clamps to install Ulisse posts on perimeter walls or terraces, made of ultra-resistant steel

  • Universal cleat: practical accessory made of 316 nautical steel to wrap up to 4 meters of nautical rope
  • Easy Lamp spotlight: aluminium outdoor spotlight. Power of 1200 lumens, a resistant and aesthetic accessory for your installation

  • Threaded rods M10-12 cm: the galvanized steel threaded rods M10 have a length of 12 cm and are the ideal for fixing our wall plates
  • Threaded rods M12 - 13 cm: the galvanized steel threaded rods M12 have a length of 12 cm and are ideal for fixing the base plates and the wall clamps of Alu-Simple and Ulisse poles

  • 150ml chemical anchoring cartridge G2000: Ecologic chemical anchoring G2000 ideal for fixing threaded rods supporting posts or wall anchors to concrete or walls
  • Kit cartridge and dispenser for chemical anchoring G2000: kit consisting of the G2000 eco-silicone and silicone gun to meet both hobbyist and professional installation needs

  • Stainless steel wall mount Muscle x3 kit: the Muscle x3 kit is able to triple the force applied to the rope thanks to the mechanical advantage produced by the pulleys

  • MusclePole kit: the anchoring kit MusclePole x3 for poles provides a very high sail tension to increase wind and water resistance by tripling the tension force applied to the rope

  • Gifts kit: measuring tape + pencils + instructions
  • Maanta fabric samples: to get a feel for Maanta's innovative technical fabrics: WeatherTech 270g and Meshnet 320g
  • Poles colour samples: kit to discover the different materials and finishes of the exclusive Maanta poles for shade sails

(**) Maanta poles must be installed on a concrete surface of at least 15 cm, or on concrete plinths of the recommended size 60x60x60cm. If this type of installation is not possible, you can purchase our Easy Ballast pole bases at an exclusive price.

Buy your Starter Kit now and become part of the Maanta Partners!

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